LA Times Makes a Habit of Firing its Editors

The LA Times is letting editor James O'Shea go at the end this week. O'Shea was hired 14 months ago after the last guy couldn't figure out how to save the newspaper industry. Management was really, really hopeful that O'shea would be able to figure it out, but more than a year later - a whole year - the paper's still… » 1/20/08 5:51pm 1/20/08 5:51pm

If You Love David Karp So Much Why Don't You Marry Him?

Tumblr creator David Karp is being heralded as the "Internet's Boy Wonder" in Page Six magazine today. It's not like that bothers us or anything, but a boy wonder? The guy who invented the television was called a Boy Wonder. Karl Rove was called a Boy Wonder because he knew how to ruin the entire world. Karp… » 1/20/08 4:45pm 1/20/08 4:45pm

Rumored Restraining Order Latest Episode in Spears Train Wreck

We never thought such a natural pairing could possibly break apart but sadly, the relationship between Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib has come to a close. Naturally, it involves a restraining order filed by the "pop star.". Sam Lufti, Brit's manager guy, showed the document to the photographers helping babysit Britt,… » 1/20/08 2:08pm 1/20/08 2:08pm

Old Man's Webisodes Will Improve Your Moves

The power of the intertubes will soon be bringing us "Mondays with Merce," a video podcast of the weekly dance class taught by legendary choreographer and dancer Merce Cunningham. We know you're excited. We know you know that Cunningham is cultural royalty, and that until now his class was only open members of his… » 1/20/08 12:58pm 1/20/08 12:58pm

Television Gets Sort of Free Again

Remember way back in the olden times when we had to be in front of an actual television at very specific times to see all our dumb shows? That sucked. Now we TiVo it or watch it on DVD or the web or whatever. And now, thanks to the magic power of market competition, even the horrible cable companies who feel entitled… » 1/20/08 11:24am 1/20/08 11:24am

Mike Bloomberg Hints at Campaign for Mayor of Everywhere

Not everybody has a benevolent billionaire looking out for them like we do here in the big, bad City - at least not yet. But with Hillary and John inching their way toward the inevitable, Mike Bloomberg says, "Hey, America. I've got your back." Mike's been toying with the press for months with his (kind of annoying… » 1/20/08 9:54am 1/20/08 9:54am

TMZ's Harvey Levin Claims Chimpmunks Bragging Rights

In blast email about a lawsuit filed against Capitol Records by the family of Alvin and the Chipmunks creator Ross Bagdisarian, TMZ managing editor Harvey Levin has something he needs to say. "Full disclosure — TMZ's Harvey Levin went to summer camp with one of Ross' sons, but it was a long time ago." Wow, Harvey, was… » 1/19/08 3:19pm 1/19/08 3:19pm

Friday Night Lights and the Stupid People Who Don't Like It

Virginia Heffernan (and supposedly other people) lives in constant dread that her beloved Friday Night Lights will be canceled. It's her favorite show but draws only half the viewers of many other, dumber shows. Heffernan, the our favorite breathless TV critic, mournfully parses the situation in the Times Magazine,… » 1/19/08 2:15pm 1/19/08 2:15pm

Guardian Staffers Successfully Test the Internet

The long-predicted but slow-arriving death of print media seems to be moving at faster clip of late. Yearning to break free of their dying medium, the UK's Guardian Media Group has hired an exec whose job it is to get everyone using the intertubes like their kids do. Yesterday, in a workshop, a group of Guardian… » 1/19/08 11:55am 1/19/08 11:55am

AMC Head Stoked Now That People Watch His Channel

Apparently, people have seen and enjoyed Breaking Bad, AMC's newly-minted series, continuing both the network's flare for both drama and alliteration. Mad Men, AMC's other show, won two awards at the recent Golden Globes press conference. We are vaguely concerned that AMC might lose touch with its roots and deprive us… » 1/19/08 11:05am 1/19/08 11:05am

War Reporter Couple Wonder What They Were Thinking

After convincing his wife and fellow journalist to join him in Baghdad to cover the war, Times writer Damien Cave discovered that theirs was not the ideal situation in which to work out relationship issues. Theirs is a story of two communicators, a writer and a videographer, learning to communicate with each other » 1/19/08 9:47am 1/19/08 9:47am